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Health & Safety

health and safety istanbul


Tap water is not recommended to drink in Turkey. Turkish households have large bottles with water at home used for drinking or cooking; however they still use tap water to brush their teeth. In restaurants you will be served bottled water. Do not ask for tap water in a restaurant.

Personal safety

The rate of violent crime in Istanbul is generally low, although as with any major city, pick-pocketing and petty theft can occur. Be especially alert at the main tourist places as Grand Bazaar and in the crowded Istiklal Street.

Dress code

Women do not need to dress up any differently than they would at home but to avoid too much attention it is recommended not to wear micro minis or shorts and little tops. You will have to cover your shoulders when entering mosques and in some of them you will be asked to cover your head with a scarf provided.

Emergency numbers:

You can dial for Fire 110, Emergency 112 and Police 155. These numbers are of course all free of charge.